Allright! I finally made up my mind... I'm not going to edit pictures anymore, cause well: I have no time for this and I actally discovered that I could be apreciate because of the stuff I'm doing fully on my own^^ Besides, I finally can do all the things editing was keeping me away from doing, like improving my own skills. So, I'm not disappearing I canstill be found somewhere else;P Well, that's pretty much everything I wanted to say... Except one thing - I would like to thank everyone who was following me and who aprecieated the effort I put into creating my characters. THANKS for all the good comments, even the ones I didn't reply to, it was really great to read such nice things! Thank you for the time we spend toghether it was really...educating expierience. But from now on I'm going to be in a better place!^^ Goodbye Everyone!